September 22nd, 2011

The Trista - Purple Hair

Counting Sheep.

Insomnia blows.

My sleep schedule has been off for fifteen years or so. It started as a small thing, when I thought of myself as a night person. I was more a night person than all my night person friends, though. Over the years the off has become offier, until my schedule is almost completely reversed. I sleep when most people in my time zone are awake, and I'm awake when they're asleep. There's some overlap, but that's really only because I usually get just a few hours of sleep each day.

It's not just a matter of sleeping really late and as a result staying up really late, or the other way around. Even when I try to stick to a "normal" schedule, I'm very sleepy from early morning until early evening, and then I start waking up as evening progresses. This is true whether or not I'm taking sleep meds.

I want a reset button. One that I can press to have my sleep schedule turned back around. Of course, I also want a winning lottery ticket and a pegacorn.

Until then, I have loads of episodes of my favorite shows, lots of yarn to crochet and knit, and endless lists to read.
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